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, that summit was a success in making america and the world a safer place. all leaders who attended endorsed the president's goal of securing nuclear materials within four years. they agreed to work more closely with the u.p. u.n. on that goal. president obama says the consensus was ha nuke terrorism is one of the most serious throats global security. >> even as we fulfill our national responsibilities this threat cannot be addressed by countries working in isolation. we've committed ourselves to a sustained effective prax international cooperation on national security and we call on other nations to join us. >> several nations agreed to give up their enriched uranium to keep it from falling in the hands of terrorists. a follow-up summit will be held two years from now in south korea. >>> and we're following some breaking news this midday. the crew of the space shuttle discovery is scrambling to fix a problem on the space station. the cooling system the crew just installed isn't working properly. its nitrogen valve is not opening. if they can't fix it, the station could overheat and force mo
the country's environment called america's great outdoors initiative. he says it will also help the economy. >> it's how we're going to spur creation in the tourism industry and recreation industry. it's now we'll create jobs president bushing and maintain our forests, our rivers, our greatout outdoors. >> the president will begin with a listening tour across the country to find what programs work and which ones don't. he hopes the initiative will get people active and out there enjoying nature. >>> let's find out if this is going to be a great weekend to do that and talk to chuck bell up in storm center. we're going to have a little bit of rain tomorrow morning, right. >> i cannot heart question. >> tell us what you know about the weather. >> my microphone is working. take a check from our city camera view here. one of the all-time favorites here on our city camera view just over to the left-hand side if we can have our city camera go back to the left just a smidgen. not so much. anyway, beautiful day to be outside today. hopefully have a chance to get out and enjoy fine weather. a lot of
's reitz and the rights of young people, but for civil rights and human reitz in america and around the world. >> to read more about dorothy height's life and the remembrances of those closest to her, go to our website, nbcwashington.com. our time now 12 minutes after 11:00. this morning the pope is promising action. coming up, the first public comments from the pope on the church sex scandal after meeting with victims. plus helicopters, ships and an airplane are searching the waters off louisiana's coast right now after an explosion at an oil rig. 11 workers are missing. >>> and a new look for the $100 bill. the unveiling just took place. stay wit >>> new today, pope benedict xvi is promising church action in response to the sex abuse scandal. the pope made the announcement this morning during his weekly public address in st. peter's square, the first time he's spoken publicly about the scandal. on sunday he met with eight maltese men who said they were abused as children. the pope said he told the men the church would do everything in its power to bring the priests to justice. >>>
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america's top-rated internet. fios is the future, but after april 17th this price will be history. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $69.99 a month for six months with a two-year agreement. call now. if you stick with cable, you'll be stuck with the bill. last chance to get three fios services for an amazing $69.99 a month for six months. call 1-888-884-fios. that's 1-888-884-fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. this is beyond cable. this is fios. >>> human error may be to blame for the plane crash that killed the polish president. russian investigators say there were no technical problems with the plane. the plane carrying the president, his wife and other national leaders crashed on saturday morning while trying land in a thick fog. the pilot ignored traffic controller's advice to land at another airport which would have made the group miss the memorial service. now polish investigators are planning to listen to the cockpit conversations to see if the pilot was asked by someone on the plane to land despite the m continue to gather
. the first time we have a big exhibit in north america usually artists goes to europe to exhibit. but this is the first time it's coming here to north america. and you know, lebanon is always associated to war and still happening now. it's associated with art and beautiful things. >> let's take a look at some of those pictures that people are going to be able to see. there's also sculpture. is this the uptour that everybody's talking about? >> yes. >> this is the fisherman and the clouds. you're seeing only part of it, not the clouds here. and it's a kinetic sculpture. it moves when you walk around it, it is part of the project called the cloud which was con received for the city. now you can see all of it. >> oh. >> yes. >> it actually you interact with this. >> you walk around it, it moves. the cloud moves the hands on the fisherman move. it was a sketch and when dr. rasmussen went to lebanon, he like it had very much. and the idea of transforming the sketch into a sculpture was no longer considered a dream. >> dr. rasmussen runs the art exhibit that -- art museum part of ameri
the east coast of north america sometime this afternoon. >>> and it isn't volcanic ash but rain and clouds keeping the space shuttle in orbit for another day. nasa decided to post phone today's celled landing. the weather is expected to be better tomorrow in florida. the shuttle could also touchdown at the taerlt landing site in california. this is "discovery's" second 0 last flight. nasa only has a few shuttle flights left before retiring the entire fleet. >>> let's take a look outside. a nice day out there. it's cold. chilly. 54 degrees. not cold. let's find out from tom kierein. welcome back. we missed you last week. >> good to be back. it was cold this morning. scattered frost through central virginia and the central shenandoah valley all melted off quickly. now with the bright april sun, a beautiful blue sky. live view from the sky watcher camera. temperatures into the 50s now and it's in the low to mid 50s not only in washington but prince george's county, arlington, montgomery counties into the mid 50s. it's cooler right on the bay where there's a bit of a breeze on the bay, especia
for miss america. what happened to the virginia native right before she was going to sing the national anthem at a nascar race. >>> plus, dirty dishes and piled up laundry could mean problems in your marriage. we'll have the results of a new study. >>> and an 8-year-old boy takes the wheel and is credited with saving his grandmother's life. we'll have details of that. >>> a health scare more misamerica. she was overcome by heat at a na nascar race yesterday. she was taken to the medical center for treatment. she was evaluated and quickly released. reports say that she is feeling better now. >>> the caps are in canada where they'll try to win round one of the playoffs tonight. the team played game six against the montreal canadiens tonight. the caps lead the series 3-2. a win tonight would push them to the second round of the playoffs. if the canadiens win, game seven will be played wednesday night here in washington. >>> it is now 11:27. coming up in the next half hour of news 4 midday, a shocking case out of new york. a man who tried to help a woman from being assaulted was left to di
to shrink america and russia's nuclear's arsenals. >> a significant reduction in the nuclear weapons that we will deploy. it cuts our delivery vehicle by roughly half. >> reporter: it happened in the medieval prague castle. the treaty does need senate approval, and some republicans say it sends the wrong message and that the u.s. is backing off a key tool in its defense. >> want more money for nuclear weapons modernization, for example, big issues. it was like a pledge not to put restrictions on future missile spending. >> the president will say, look, nuclear weapons to deter a nuclear attack on the united states, not for a whole range of other threats. >> reporter: after the signing, president obama said the new treaty was just a first step towards further nuclear reduction agreements with russia as well as international efforts aimed at stopping iran from pursuing its program. >> we are working together at the united nations security council to pass strong sanctions on iran, and we will not tolerate actions that flout the mpt, risk an arms race in a vital region, and threaten the credibil
yesterday. barbara, back to you. of course we want to mention that one of america's fastest-growing population is making a big push. 86% of latinos had either turned in their census or planned to and of course this is all considered vital because the information is used to determine congressional representation a the distribution of billions in federal funding among other things. >> all right, elaine. thank you very much for that report. hopefully folks will get their census forms mailed today. >> i did mine yesterday. >> did you? got to do mine today. thank you. >>> new at midday, could another baby panda be on the way? the nationaloo is waiting to see if may shan is pregnant. she could have a false pregnancy, common in giant pandas. it could be another month and a halfefore they know for sure. she and her mate are on loan from china through the end of this year only. their only cub was sent to china earlier this year. >>> our time 11:11. it's holy thursday at the vatican. coming up, how the pope is dealing with accusations he played a role in covering up sex abuse scandals
dahlgren has that story. >> reporter: after years as the home of america's space mission, today kennedy space center will host what has turned into "star wars," a battle over the future of manned space flight. it's pitting some of the country's space pioneers against its president. >> we need to go once again where no man has gone before. there is no vision to this budget. there is no goal. there is no challenge. >> this week, astronauts like neil armstrong blasted president obama as he gets ready to announce his plans for nasa's future this afternoon. officials say that will include an extra $6 billion, some to be used to help develop a heavy-lift rocket capable of taking humans to mars. but the plan also eliminates the constellation program, already some $9 billion in development, and includes provisions to rely on private space flight. >> nasa cannot pass the baton of human space flight to a runner that is still trying on its shoes. >> reporter: so from capitol hill to kfc, there have been critics. some 7,000 here may lose their jobs. but not everyone is against the president. dr. ec
in the senate. the house passed its version back in december. the president says without change america is doomed to repeat the past. >> i, and i think the vast majority of americans, think it is unacceptable to have a situation in which, you know, tails you win and heads i lose. >> although both democrats and republicans agree that an overhaul is in order, they still expect to fight in passing a bill. meantime, goldman sachs executives make their way to capitol hill next tuesday. they were previously scheduled to talk about risky investments at a senate hearing. now that there are fraud charges, expect to hear much more about what happened and why. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, elaine. >>> and new today, space shuttle "atlantis" is in place for liftoff. overnight, the shuttle slowly crawled the 3.4-mile route to the launch pad. it was just two days ago that a different shuttle, the "discovery," touched down after visiting the international space station. "atlant "atlantis" is scheduled to lift off next month to deliver more equipment to the space station. >>> and take a look at this
, deserves a place of honor in america. >> search me out, oh god, and know my heart. and the way that is everlasting. >> that was poet maya angelou speaking. dr. height led the national council of negro women for decades and marched with dr. martin luther king. she died last week at the age of 98. >>> and let us turn to our weather here. tom joins with us a look at the forecast. tom? >> it's a beautiful day for those who had to stand in line this morning. there was a chill in the air, and now it's warming up nicely. look at that gorgeous, royal blue sky over the washington skyline, the neighborhoods of northwest in the foreground. virginia in the distance. right now temperatures are climbing into the low to mid 1r6, and it will -- low to mid 60s, and it will continue to climb into the afternoon. low to mid 70s. latest wind gusts at 20 to 25 miles per hour coming out of the northwest. and we have a beautiful blue sky on tap for us for the rest of the afternoon, with just a few light breezes as highs reach the low 70s. then this evening should be a delightful evening, on the cool s
to gauge how the economy is recovering and particularly how corporate america is recovering. >> scott cohn, thanks very much. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> an anti-bacterial soap ingredient may pose a risk. the food and drug administration will review the chemical used to reduce and prevent bacterial contamination in many soaps, furniture and toys. the review comes after animal studies the chemical may make bacteria resistant to antibiotics. officials say you can use regular soap and water to wash up effectively. we have a warning this morning for pet owner who's treat their dogs and katsd cats for fleas antics. the environmental protection agency is cracking down on the companies that make those treatments. news4's liz crenshaw as details. >> outdoor time for dogs and their owners. a welcome sight after a long winter. but it's a field day for tickets and fleas as well who want to make a home on your pet. that's why many pet owners have turned to these. spot on treatments that applied once a month keep fleas antics away. >> i've used them for the past, i'd say almost seven years. >>
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Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)